We supply & repair and recalibrate pressure and temperature gauges. We can also source new gauges and issue insurance recognisable test certificate.

Safety valve testing and recalibrating & Veri Testing of safety valves on site

SVR are now in a position to offer complete pressure testing and recalibration services from our works for a complete range of safety valves from 1/4” to 6” up to test pressures of 50 bar. Our test bench designed and manufactured by highly trained engineers allows us to set valves to the industry standards, whilst constantly checking for the smallest leak (bubbles per hour) or any other possible fault. By testing with Nitrogen Gas, Water, Air, we check for seat tightness on all valves prior to release ensuring that no matter what medium you use we can guarantee the valve function. We are a fully approved test house by Zurich Risk Service’s, meaning that all valves set or re-calibrated by SVR Ltd are fully compliant and are still covered by a genuine manufacturer’s warranty. All our special services are covered and backed by our ISO 9001-2015 ISO quality approval.